Nonprofit Survival Tips - Now Might Be a Good Time to Apply Some New Ideas, So Try "What If UPPING"

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I recently heard a subtle twist on an old adage that really made sense to me. It went like this: "Sometimes doing the same thing a second time when it hasn't worked the first is indeed just foolish. But sometimes it's shrewd. Wisdom consists, in part, in knowing the difference. Flexibility is a virtue. But in most matters, flexibility properly kicks in only after persistence has been given a fair chance".

Sage advice I am trying to consider as I make my decisions and plans in this New Year!

I recently spoke at a unique Attract Wealth Seminar, conducted by Joe Vitale and Mark Ryan, and among the very powerful and insightful fellow speakers I met was the effervescent and insightful, Mindy Audlin, the creator of the "What if Up" approach to life.

What is "What if Upping"?

Mindy explained it by first asking us to notice how we normally approach an idea or challenge.

Do you "What if DOWN" considering all the "worst-case scenarios" for what would happen if you took action? What if it fails? What if I don't know enough? What if I run out of money? OR... Do you "What If UP", seeking possibilities and taking inspired action? What if all the resources I need suddenly materialize? What if this project turns out to be the easiest I have ever attempted? What if the results of my efforts far exceed even my expectations?

You can actually feel the incredible difference between "What if UP" thinking and its opposite when you vocalize or mentally expand your opportunities beyond what you believe is possible. Mindy encourages you to notice where you feel inspired and to take action - and get into motion!

With "What if UPPING", it's easier to "get into motion" because your attitude is so much more positive and you're focused on what you want to accomplish instead of what you don't want to occur. For those of us Law of Attraction advocates, this focus alone makes the "What if UP" technique a very powerful tool.

Is your Nonprofit a "What if UP" organization?

Be observant of the conversations and dialogue that permeate your organization. How much emphasis is placed on how all the impediments the economy and other challenges you face are slowing you down, or is there a healthy and uplifting focus on what you want to accomplish and what you hope to achieve.

If this self examination shows there might be room for improvement, consider these simple tips:

  • If you feel your conversations could use a healthy dose of "What if UPPING" don't give a lecture on the approach, simply use the language and apply the technique seamlessly in real conversations. The simple act of using the technique will immediately alter the way people are thinking and speaking and you will see the conversation begin to change
  • When you can orchestrate the conversation, actually use "What if UPPING" as a component of a meeting agenda. "OK, let's spend the next few minutes describing and feeling the results of this best-case scenario of our efforts.
  • Follow up with two final questions, 1) "If this best-case outcome were to occur, what would it "look like"? and 2) "Given this clarity of outcome, what must we do (and how must we behave) to make it happen?
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Nonprofit Survival Tips - Now Might Be a Good Time to Apply Some New Ideas, So Try "What If UPPING"

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Nonprofit Survival Tips - Now Might Be a Good Time to Apply Some New Ideas, So Try "What If UPPING"

This article was published on 2010/04/04